Deja Vu & Mature Brides at Abbi Chapel Bridal

Where we celebrate the woman who finds herself to be a bride in later life!


Finding love late in life! Retying the knot! Put careers first! For whatever reasons, there are more and more women getting married later in life!

With more women postponing marriage until later in life and many women remarrying in their middle age, means there are more 'Late Blooming Brides' brides than ever before!
Brides - of all ages - worry about their clothes and although there is plenty of advice for first-time young brides, being a bride in later life, you will have already discovered that there is not much help or advice. This can leave you uncertain about the way to proceed. You may be anxious about ‘looking silly at our age’.


There's a high probability you don't want to walk down the aisle in a strapless number that your daughters/ granddaughter would love to wear. But you are still the bride and want to look modern and fashionable but without looking silly or inappropriate. Just because you are more mature, doesn't mean you must wear a dowdy wedding gown or have that mother of the bride look.  You may also feel embarrassed searching for THE DRESS amongst the throngs of twenty something’s!

So finding THE right sort of gown can be a daunting experience, even late blooming brides don’t want to look matronly on our momentous occasion! Our wedding dress is just as important as any brides dress and has to be just as perfect to allow us to feel gorgeous on the big day. 


While at first glance, it may not seem that there is much choice in dresses which suit the older bride – especially if you’re looking for modestly styled but still stylish-pieces – there is in fact a good supply of gowns which compliment the mature bride. Older brides may have areas of the body which we are not so keen to draw attention to one of the most common worries for older brides is bare arms and shoulders as it is often an area of dissatisfaction another is the mid-section or waist and tummy area of our figures. With more years behind us and maybe a couple of children, we may be less body-confident and less inclined to take centre stage. Abbi Chapel carrys a superb range of wedding gowns especially for the mature bride. Since our opening in January 2010, we have been attracting brides from all over the country and a few of our 'late blooming brides' have been in their early eighties!!


At Abbi Chapel brides will find sophisticated, elegant gowns that are wonderful in fit, shape and excellent in quality. Classical stylish flattering designs, some having sleeves or if they are strapless they are combined with jackets that cover the back and arm areas. Theses gowns are in beautiful fabrics in a range of stunning colours from soft ivory, champagne and silver through to rich warm colours. There is something to suit all complexions and skin tones in luxurious taffetas, satin or soft chiffons. With beautiful subtle detailing and elegant hand-sewn beadwork and trims, they will ensure that every woman will look and feel amazing, glamorous and comfortable on her wedding day.



Abbi Chapel also carries an extensive range of bridal accessories from the magic shaper underwear through to Tiaras, Combs, Alice Bands, Fascinators, Pins, Feathers... the list is endless.

So plan the day you both want, whether it is a small intimate occasion or a day to push the boat out, there is no reason why you should not have the day of your dreams and look like any other bride RADIANT!

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